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Turn that Frown Upside Down!

Yeah! That is one of the few photos I have from my early circus school days. It was pre-insta-twit-picta-tube era making almost the stone ages now. I am sure I will blab (um, blog) about that another day.

I put it up because I want to talk about something else.

That was just after I was able to hold a toe hang long enough to get a picture. That was a massive personal achievement in those days but it leads me to "the thing" .

The thing is that spending a little time upside down is great for you. It is great for your brain, your mood and just an overall quick reset. There are lots of other folk and scientific beliefs about the benefits.

If I go a couple of days without being upside down you can bet I am wedged into some crabby pants!

It is really a shame that the standard issue adult life doesn't include more time upside down. It can take some time to get used to it but it is worth the process. Aerialists, acrobats and yogis understand.

Make sure to take some personal time and turn it over today.

Yeah, yeah- that is why you will often see me use the tag #spendmoretimeupsidedown

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