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With the popularity of aerial growing, its important to know what to look for in your new aerial home that will not only be tons of fun, but also safe. From proper rigging to mats and spotting, there are a lot of variables that go into trusting a studio with your safety.


We understand if you are new to this art, you don't know what you don't know! And that's ok! We want to empower you to have the information needed to make the choice that is best for you.

MATS: Look for appropriate mats under each piece of equipment being used. Typically, these will be a thickness of at least 6 inches and be large enough to provide adequate coverage of the area under the equipment. Yoga mats, mattresses, pole mats, tri-fold mats are not acceptable aerial safety equipment.

SAFETY FOCUSED: Instructors should be actively spotting, not sitting, talking, or focusing on other activities.  There should be clear rules around using equipment and the space with a clearly defined work area.  There should be hands-on instruction for beginners.

INSTRUCTOR to STUDENT RATIO: Keeping classes small means the instructor will be able to properly spot students, especially individually with both beginners and trying new skills. Generally you will want to see an instructor spotting new students and new skills. Yes, as students get more experienced there will be more skills they work on independently but new students should expect a lot of hands-on spotting.

EQUIPMENT: Purchased from reputable, professional, established equipment manufacturers and are regularly inspected and maintained. Yes, there are some large online retailers that sell things that claim to be aerial silks, trapeze swings, trapeze hammock, etc. but most of these are just not safe or material tested for their strength.  In addition, there have been instances of counterfeit hardware being sold from some of these larger marketplaces since professional equipment is expensive.

EXPERIENCE: Yes, everyone starts somewhere however, you will want to know that there are experienced instructors to guide your learning and look out for your safety. Your instructor is the trusted guide for your aerial journey, so check out their legacy & where their knowledge is from! Do they participate in continuing education? You may find some certification in aerial, but please know there are no official, industry recognized organizations at this time.

 We can't wait to introduce you to the thrill of learning aerial arts. We strive to have you gaining massive confidence, strength, technique all while keeping your safety in mind. Welcome!

-Tera McBlaine, Owner Instructor

-Debra Carl, Monkey Administrator & Studio B coordinator (and fellow aerial student)

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