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FAQs and what to expect

Who is Aerial For?

- ​Monkey Aerial Arts believes that circus and aerial is for everyone

- All body types and sizes are welcome and encouraged to come and join us!

- Monkey Aerial Arts will not discriminate based on race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or ability.

- We will make reasonable and safe attempts to accommodate students special needs.

What to expect...

- To feel challenged! If it doesn't make sense the first time, guess what? You're normal!

- To feel supported! Your classmates know how challenging the first day can be, they're here to cheer you on

- Community over competition- we're all here for fun, to feel good and grow

Do you do parties or a class for my group?

- We do!

- We love it when someone comes to us with their pre-formed group.

- Kids parties? = Yes!

- Adult parties? = Yes!

- Random just because group and you just want to try it? = Yes! We love this kind of group!

- Does your family want to take a lesson together? = Amazing! We have parents taking classes with their child and we love this kind of group too!

- Send us an email for more information. Our first couple questions will be:

  1. How many participants?

  2. What is the party for

  • Kids with age range or Adults​

  • If it is for a special occasion- what is it? Or why are you coming?

What to wear...

- Many students wear leggings or yoga pants and a t-shirt or other workout top

- Comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement.

- For aerials and other classes that involve being upside down, a leotard or a shirt that is secure when tucked in are recommended.

- Class will be either in bare feet or clean socks.

- For aerial silks- it is recommended that fitted pants that cover the back of knees and a shirt that covers the armpits are worn.

- No jewelry or bare midriffs and long hair must be secured.

- No clothing with drawstrings and for silks nothing with a zipper

What to Bring...

- Water.
- Layers. Stay comfy and protect your skin when needed.
- Do not bring valuables to class as we cannot be responsible for them.


- Registration will be offered first to current students then on a first-come, first-served basis and must be paid in full or an agreed-upon deposit to secure a spot in class.
- Current registration, waiver and emergency contact information must be complete before attending the first class.
- Refunds will only be issued for medical reasons or at the owners’ discretion.

- Private lessons can be scheduled but require a 48-hr notice to cancel.

- Make up classes will be available on a limited basis.  To maintain a small class size, this will be by permission of your instructor.

- Classes are small! Enrollment is limited to 8 per class in most classes. A class may be cancelled if enrollment is less than 3 and a prorated refund will be issued.

There is a waiver for you to fill out. There is also a student contact sheet. These forms are at the top of the page.

What to expect...First class

- Every class starts with a warm up: Frequently kicks or moving around the studio and then stretching. We want to make sure that your muscles and shoulders are warm.

- A typical first class for Silks:
learn a climb (not the gym class "scramble" you will use your legs and technique), put on a "foot lock", and go upside-down in a supported (safe) straddle 

- A typical first class for Trapeze/Lyra:
learn and go to sit on the bar, learn star at the bar, learn mermaid, maybe go to stand

- Because classes are so small the instructors can tailor instruction to the individual student's ability. What each class does is determined partly by the students and their abilities.

- Every class ends with conditioning: Pushups (you used "pulling" muscles in class now you need to even it out with using "pushing" muscles), core work (leg lifts, various versions of Pilates roll ups/sit ups)

- After class expect to feel tired and maybe sore. 

- Expect to feel accomplished - you just did hard things! Be proud of your self!

Studio etiquette...

- Please, no sitting on the mats

- Please, no sitting during class- if you're tired, stretching is a great alternative

- One person per piece of equipment at a time.

While waiting...

- Only 1 family member/parent/guardian, per student, may wait inside.

- Be mindful that other people want to watch their student too - maybe don't put your chair right in the doorway.

- Only registered students are allowed in the main studio space. Studio B offers an opportunity to watch classes from the lounge area. Please help us keep the area neat and reasonably quiet.

Class Policies

- Students of all ages and abilities should be ready, willing and able to follow direction of their instructors.
- Safety will always be first priority in class.
- No students under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including prescription drugs) that impede good decision making will be allowed to participate in class.
- Since many classes build upon skills from the prior classes, it is important to come to class on a regular basis.  The warm up is essential to safe performance in class and as a result, instructors may choose not to admit students that are more than 15 minutes late.
- Please do not come to class if you are sick or have any other communicable condition that is a hazard to your instructor or other students. 

- We will try to work with you to reschedule classes instead.

Photo Policy

- Please use courtesy when taking photos or video in the studio.  You should have your instructor’s permission as well as any other students in the studio.  Please don't post photos or video of others on the internet or social media without their permission.

Children's Classes

- Parents of children under 8 should stay in the space during the class.
- We cannot be responsible for watching children before or after their scheduled classes.
- We believe that circus is for everyone but if your child is disrupting the learning environment, we will communicate with you about potential solutions.  If a child threatens the safety of others, they will be removed from class.

What if I'm afraid of heights?!

It's ok!
So is your instructor and it hasn't stopped her yet!
There are many things that you will do at ground level and low on the apparatus before you are up in the air.

Germ policies

Rosin/ Chalk: There will be no community rosin or chalk. There will be individual sized bags available for sale.

​Class size: Group classes are maxed at 5 students. 

We are open to doing events or special group classes for more than 5, contact us and we can talk about it.

Sick?: Don't come to class. Yes, sharing is caring except with sickness. Send an email saying you won't be at class because you are sick.

Masks: Are optional.

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