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Is it Blursday again? Covid-life studio update for July 2020.

Hi everyone. I thought I would give an update on the latest studio biz and answer some of the questions I have been getting.

When do classes resume?

-I am still only teaching private lessons. Yes, you can convert your remaining class credits to private lessons. I expect it will be some time before regular classes resume.

I am new, how do I sign up?

- I am still not taking new students. This is because I care about you and your safety. Yes, even you- student of the future that I don't know yet. I also assume that you care about your own safety so you will understand and respect this. If not, I am sure there are other places that will be happy to part you with your $$. I do expect that I will be able to take new students soon. Good news is that learning aerial arts requires both a respect for safety and patience so you are practicing those skills while you wait.

What if I can't afford private lessons?

-if cost is a factor, I encourage you to find other students to share private lessons with. You can find someone with a complimentary schedule and risk tolerence all while reducing your cost per lesson. The Monkey Aerial Arts Students FB group might be a great place to find someone.

How do I pay?

-the online store has the private lessons, just select the number of participants. You can also bring a check or gasp, cash. If you set up a regular lesson, I can invoice you monthly.

How do I schedule a lesson?

-email, call, carrier pigeon.. yes and no. A great place to start is on the website. There is a calendar that will show 'available private lesson'. Just let me know and I will reserve it for you. There is also a chance that I will be willing to schedule outside of those times as well. Yes, I am giving priority to people who want to set up a regular schedule.

Oopsie what if I need to cancel?

Please, please, please only cancel with less than 24hrs notice if you are sick. Because I am trying to accommodate so many students as private lessons and building in extra time for sanitation, it really denies someone else the chance to have a class. Also, yes, the studio is lovely but I like summer too and would like to get out and enjoy it. Cancelling less than a day ahead does not give me a chance to rearrange my day or fill the spot. I would also hate to need to enforce a strict cancellation policy. Thanks in advance for your courtesy on this.

Oh my gosh do I miss having you all in class so much! Please know that I cannot wait for it to be reasonable to have group classes again and get back to making all of our dangerous fun up in the air! Hope to see your faces soon- Tera

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