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Not sure where to start? Pick a class and sign up. Due to the small class size any class is a great place to start.
Have you taken classes somewhere else? Pick a class and sign up - in the check out options tell us a little more about your experience or send us an email. Click here to go to our Square registration page to sign up for classes.

Sessions are back, the price per sessions depends on how many classes there are in it, generally each class day in a session is priced at $35.
Drop in classes are $38.

Registration for group classes will be handled through the Square Store.

Classes need at least 2 students signed up to run.

Masks are optional during class and in the building.

There are private lesson slots.  For more information, please contact us at You may self register for private lessons through the Registration link in the menu.

Have your own group that wants to try? Or a party (kid or adult!) and wants a unique experience? Or just want to take a semi-private lesson with a couple friends?
Send us am email. We do parties - email us for more information. If you can tell us what kind of event and about how many people.


Little Aerialists

Ages 6&7

Older students who would benefit from a shorter class and less complex instruction may also join this class. Yes, you may sign your 8 year old up for this class too!

This is an introduction to basic aerial skills and techniques both on the floor and using aerial equipment. This class is designed to set your student up for success in future classes.


Young children do not necessarily have the body awareness nor are developed enough physically or mentally to successfully participate in our Kids Aerial Class. Students should expect to take this class multiple times to build skills. When Tera judges a student able to participate successfully and well in our Kids Aerial class, they will be invited to join the Kids class - even if they are not yet age eligible.

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