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Due to popular demand we are making a last minute schedule change: Weds 6PM Lyra class is no more and instead we are adding a new Choreo Lab class! For students that have completed at least one session of classes here at Monkey Aerial Arts, you can now come practice your skills and spend some quality time stringing those skills together into choreography. For now, it is a drop-in class and if it is popular enough, we will make it a regular session class with a discount for session pricing.

Also..... <drum roll>..... a big downer about adulting in the burbs for me has been a lack of good-old-fashioned, fun, energizing, boogie-down dancing time. I have started spending several afternoons in the week doing some hybrid of dancing, prancing and yahgging around the studio for 30 mins all in the name of cardio (and to keep eating cheese of course) to obscenely loud and often inappropriate music. Sound fun? It is. So reach out if you are interested in joining. It may become a cardio class.

Speaking of changes, as we continue to grow into the new studio, feel free to let me know if there are any classes you would like to see here so we can continue on our mission to offer fun ways to stay fit and moving.

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