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I'm so excited.... and I just can't hide it.... I'm about to .....

Have you recently discovered aerial? Isn't it the coolest? Yeah.... I love it too. It is really super fun. And exciting.

So lets talk a bit about what happens when people fall in love with aerial. Like a new beau, so many aspiring aerialists fall head over heels (haha) and just want to spend every moment with their new crush.

The biggest problem might seem to be that it is so hard to get to class. It might seem too far, too expensive or just too <insert any reason here> so if only..... and <click, clack, click> oooohhhh look! I could just by that McCrapperson ''yoga trapeze" or the Ouchycheap "rotational device" and my very own sling. Oh swoon! They even sell it all on (I hope that isn't a real website). I (or my mini-me) could become a professional like right now and everyone will love me on twitstagram.... oh boy!

Before you start your master plan of how to hitch those new silks up in your foyer and start asking FB groups all of the questions about the tree in your backyard/ park/ whatever that turn riggers and pro-aerialists alike into angry venomous trolls

, please pause for a moment. Just take a deep breath, count to ten and get away from the fantasy that the lack of equipment is what is stopping you (or your child) from becoming the next aerial superstar.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but there are so many things that you can be doing while you are off your equipment to help with that. To name a few: conditioning, pre-hab, stretching, act development, character development (not the moral kind), adding rhinestones to everything you own.... you get the point. Yes, this is where the sausage is made. Then you will be fresh and ready to work, with more focus and the right muscles when it is time to be in an aerial class on the equipment.

Just like you (or your child) eloping with someone you just met in a bar, there are a slew of reasons not to rush out and get your own equipment to hang at home. The linked document lists just a few.

Feel free to copy, steal or share.

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