What to wear...

- Comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement.

- For aerials and other classes that involve being upside down, a leotard or a shirt that is secure when tucked in are recommended.

- Class will be either in bare feet or clean socks.

- For aerial silks- it is recommended that fitted pants that cover the back of knees and a shirt that covers the armpits are worn.

- No jewelry or bare midriffs and long hair must be secured.

- Masks are strongly encouraged.

...and bring

- Water.
- Layers. Stay comfy and protect your skin when needed.
- Do not bring valuables to class as we cannot be responsible for them.

What to expect...

- To feel challenged! If it doesn't make sense the first time, guess what? You're normal!

- To feel supported! Your classmates know how challenging the first day can be, they're here to cheer you on

- Community over competition- we're all here for fun, to feel good and grow

Studio etiquette...

- Please, no sitting on the mats

- Please, no sitting during class- if you're tired, stretching is a great alternative

- One person per piece of equipment at a time.

While waiting...

- Only 1 family member/parent/guardian, per student, may wait inside.

- Be mindful that other people want to watch their student too - maybe don't put your chair right in the doorway.

- Masks are strongly encouraged for everyone entering the studio.