Temporary Studio Re-Opening Policies

In cooperation with the governor’s order and phased system of reopening, we will be scheduling only private lessons for now beginning on Mon 6/8.

 I will be offering an exchange of two regular class credits for a one hour private lesson if you have paid classes remaining from Spring 1 session. You can also choose to retain the credits until group classes resume if you prefer.  All classes except Tuesday had 4 remaining weeks and Tuesday classes had 2.  

Since we are operating on the procedures that follow scheduling is limited. Please contact Tera to schedule and have at least two choices of equipment preference.

Covid Prevention Studio Policy Update

Updated 11/20/20

To minimize the spread of Covid-19, there will be some changes to the way that classes operate.  Since this is new and a changing situation, these things may change as needed. Here are the new operating procedures that we are putting in place to keep everyone in the space as safe as possible:


Work zone: Each class you will be assigned to a work zone. Please stay in this area of the gym as much as possible. This means that you will work on only one piece of equipment per class. You will also warm up and stretch in the same area.


 Masks: UPDATE: You are expected to wear a mask in the studio at all times starting 11/20/20.  Wear them as much as possible. You are expected to wear a mask except when working in your designated zone. Your instructor will be wearing a mask and yes, anyone in the waiting area should also be wearing a mask.


Equipment: Since it is impossible to sanitize the equipment without compromising the structural integrity, equipment will be rested between each use for 48 hours. If you personally are comfortable using equipment that has been in use more recently, please let us know.


Rosin/ Chalk: There will be no community rosin or chalk. There will be individual sized bags available for sale.


Class size: Currently  only private lessons are being offered for previous Monkey Aerial Arts students. You can expect to see smaller classes when we are able to resume group classes.

Spotting/ instruction: So our instructors can maintain distancing, please expect more prep drills and skill building exercises. This way we can do less hands on spotting but maintain high standards for your safety.


Enter/ Exit: Private lessons will be 1 hour.  Please try to be on time but stay outside until  at least 10 minutes before your class and leave after your class is finished. Since the waiting area is small, we are trying not to have people gathered there.  Scheduling will be done to allow 30 minutes between classes for sanitation, etc.  When group classes do resume, participants in the kids’ classes will be limited to one parent/ person waiting in the space.


As always, we will continue many of the things that we have always done. For example, we encourage you to wash your hands when you are coming in the space and again after your lesson. In addition, please-please-please do not come to the studio if you are feeling sick. We can reschedule.

Some other ways you can help protect yourself are to cover your body. Yes, even when it is warm. Wear pants. Wear a long sleeve shirt. Bring a small towel for your face when stretching or sweating.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation as we navigate through this process.  If you have any special concerns, please let Tera know and we will try to make sure that we do everything reasonable to make your classes as amazing as possible.